About us

This SEDUCKTION online adult store has always been a dream for us, and now finally it became a reality. We launched our Seducktive site in 2016 and have built up a loyal customer base to date, for which we are thankful!
We have a smaller variety of products, but we can promise you it was handpicked through a lot of deliberation which enable us to give personal advice on each and every single product.  Our intention is to grow our collection with time, but we cannot do so without your help, if there is any product you want, you can send it to us and we will try our utmost best to get it. Please also let us know what you think of your toys once you've had your first orgasmic experience, we would love to hear from you....all the screams and moans... If you know what we mean.
Our aim with SEDUCKTION is to change the perception a lot of people have about adult toys, we don't see it as dirty and disgusting, we see it as something to enhance your relationship. Sexual intercourse plays a huge part in any relationship, why not make it exciting, explore new things...you don't know what to expect when you are blindfolded....all you can do is trust your partner if you are in a relationship. We also want you to feel free and open with playing on your own, don't let anyone tell you it is not fun to play alone....I personally love my vibrators and sex machine alone time!!
We intend to support our community in the Western Cape as well, by educating about sex and teen pregnancy, this is not a topic to avoid, it is a reality, hence the reason for us starting this online store to give us the means so that we can give back to the community.
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Thanks for your support, we can't do this without you!!!
Lots of love